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Cameron Couch & DJ Fes One set the bar a few notches higher with “3Worlds” 2.14.18

“An adventure of sound, mixed with the singing of poetry style lyrics. The duos Sophomore album features a variety of musical styles, bass heavy jams mixed with a gradual decent to candles and smiles. Alternative music has never sounded so definitive.”

Once again the two made a vow to create this album without being in the same room. Couch and Fes did just that, many jam sessions with musicians from all over the globe recorded at Laundry Room Studios, were sent only 45 miles north of Couch’s Tacoma residence, to DJ Fes One. From there he added adds, scratches, then chopped and screwed, to achieve his signature sound. One final comb through, makes “3Worlds” the musical adventure it became.

This album is not for the faint of musical hearts, if empty and hollow musical arrangements is your liking…you may want to stick your toes in the water before jumping in. Local musicians have deemed these two “the artist’s artist”, and it has never sounded so funky.

Available on all digital outlets Valentine’s Day 2.14.18 🎁💥💕🔉


Cameron Couchs’ last solo Hip Hop album?! Novelty Raps drops Mid-Oct 17

Novelty Raps

a fusion of classic Hip Hop, Jazz, Blues and Rock mixed with story based lyrical content in various harmonies and styles. That started it all. I have for years wanted to make a project titled “Short Stories From theCouch” and have each song be its own stand alone story like the collection of old story books we read as kids.

After writing the song titled “The Big Good Wolf” with Jeremy Hutton…it came to me. Being a true “novelty” song in it being something new…but a classic story, familiar comfort for the ears. I even go as far to explain the original idea of what “Double Fisted Diabetes” is…and we go on an adventure through a local vintage toy store in my hometown of Tacoma Washington Tricky’s.

Once these pieces were set I then reached out to other artists, that I have met through the years and collaborated with them to fill in the blanks. Awall aka 2Piece helping me raise the question; can you catch us? To Wordsworth helping paint the story of love lost and then regaining control of your life to realize that after pain comes true pleasure.

Greg Double, Wynter Brown, SwizZz, A.R. Mastermind, Maureen Parker, Reece Loc, and long time collaborator Serial Killer Music (aka Cereal Killer) round out the collaborating efforts to make this the dream I had of it…”Novelty Raps”. Due for release in mid-late October.

Finally, someone made a Hip Hop album for Cat lovers. 2+🎤+🐈

The Seattle hip hop duo calling themselves “2 Rap Katz” are hereby inviting all feline enthusiasts to listen to their new album.. 2 Rap Katz Chapter One.


By the time you’re in your 20s If you don’t find yourself in one of two lifestyle deciding categories; cat people or dog people; I’ll just assume you don’t enjoy any other amazing worldly things and probably don’t enjoy listening to music.. 😐 for those of you who do, we appreciate you.

Its public information that the city of Seattle, Wa is a sanctuary city for all varieties of wild and domestic cats. Yet today we find the Puget sound native, city dwelling hip hop duo (Fahrenheit Records artists Greg Double and 5ive 3re) setting out to popularize another kind of cat; Rap Katz.


The two artists who connected thru social media sometime around 2010 or 2011, collaborating on self-recorded hip hop songs with what was then – little direction; have finally released their first OFFICIAL project. Their debut album “Chapter One” which is the product of countless hours of writing/ listening and recording and reflects their favorite songs of that era.. the first five years music.

Both 3re and Greg feel like by stressing the term Rap Kat they infer a deeper meaning and connection to west coast hip hop and it’s roots. By refuting the label of “Rapper” they seek to make known their stance; that everyone is a rapper/ and music has long since become lame saturated. “We understand that we’re venturing out of one overcrowded social construct (Rappers) and into a whole ‘nother classe system (the cat world).. but we’re ready to bridge that gap and we’re confident we can do it” -Greg Double


Their album Chapter One consists of mostly lo fi, westcoast style beats that you may be surprised to hear post-Y2K. It has an “instant classic” quality to it that becomes apparent almost instantly upon pressing play. With producers such as Sk8Beatz, Johnny ESPN, Tony Snow and Phenom57 the 10 tracks are laid out for the listener to sit back and relax to without hitting skip. Outside features on the album are few, bringing light to artists Thunderchief, Mae Dali, Cameron Couch, Payso and Subliminal Criminal. Artists which the 2 Rap Katz admit were considered very thoroughly, as not to disturb their groove.


“(But) this is meant as no snub to dog lovers” bandmember Greg Double wants people to know; he himself a self proclaimed dog person. The proud parent of two beautiful mix-breed dogs, one may be curious as to why Blue Nose Music (pertaining to Pitbulls) headquarters doesn’t have a 4 legged family member after its namesake.  “I watched too many dogs get mistreated, and arrested/ given away or euthanized in a short time and turned me off to pit bulls in the city of Tacoma.. but that is where the Blue Nose name came from. I may get one in the future.. who knows”  is the reason according to Greg Double.””2 Rap Katz” is about the real rugged and raw, the ugly untold stories” 5ive 3re was quoted as saying when inquired to regarding the reasoning behind the phrase.

You can find 2 Rap Katz music on any major online retailer, for as of yet it is only available in digital format. iTunes, Amazon, GooglePlay, Spotify and the rest, go check them out and stay tuned for a lot more.

Heres the link to listen/ buy it on Amazon 



Thunderchief: on Racial Tension

(Despite the outward appearance of  progress in social equality); race and racial tension continue to have a negative impact on society everyday.


How are we to grow as a people and fend off the tyranny and the injustices we are constantly faced with if we continue to allow ourselves to be distracted and deceived by American Politicians and American Media.

Think about how silly racism is, especially for Caucasian Americans who dominate our nation’s wealth, political structure, law enforcement, criminal justice system, medical field, real estate industry, the corporate sector etc; That gives them all the hiring power, arresting/judicial power, law making power, medical power, the renting/buying/selling power with respect to home ownership and home renting/leasing power and so much more.

FYI the percentage of Blacks in the U.S. Is up to 15% which is a 1.1% increase from 2015 and we are still the 2nd most represented race in the U.S. Hence the constant black vs white, a most volatile match up of the foolish folk who still don’t get that nobody born before us, or in our life time or after we’re gone, had or will have a choice of what race they will be when they’re born so it’s completely foolish and ignorant to hate somebody for reasons well beyond their or anyone else’s control.

that goes for any and everybody that still has trouble realizing such an elementary concept.


it would take all the Latino races combined to become the second most represented race in the country. So in spite of what Caucasians may think about becoming the minority, we could add all the minority​ races together and it still wouldn’t = the amount of Caucasians in our country. It’s just fact.

  • Thunderchief Lloyd – Blue Nose Blog 6.11.17

I plead da fif! Couch and Fes-1 have the right to remain “Silent”

Blue Nose Music/ Fahrenheit Records recording artist/ producer Cameron Couch and Producer/DJ FES-1 are making noise by staying silent.


Tacoma, Washington musician Cameron Couch is known for creating unique musical projects;  that’s exactly what he’s done (yet again) with Silent.

In speaking with Couch I learned he originally created this project to collaborate with other artists – recording over his own instrumentals. After reaching out to 10 artists just to have most of them decline the offer – doh! He decided he wouldn’t put any vocals on the album at all. He would go all-out on the instrumentals, again that no one would record over.

The collab album idea started taking the shape of a (solo) rock/blues/jazz album with a Hip Hop foundation. Now Couch took to writing his project as a common love-story, reflected in the track titles, and played out over 15 tracks.


Somewhere during the creative process Couch got the idea to send “Silent” over to long time collaborator (Producer) DJ FES-1, whom Couch has over a decade of history with (and has never actually met face-to-face). FES-1 took to the project like his own, mixing/ scratching/ transforming the project into a molded-together masterpiece that they are both proud to put their names on.

Now word has come down from the top; long time Jazz aficionado, and Westcoast Rap OG – First Degree The DE is set to release “Silent” in the first quarter of 2017 on his label Fahrenheit Records. That means Couch and DJ FES-1 have a strong follow up to now label-mate Phonk Beta (of Brotha Lynch Hung, Madesicc Music fame) and his two Hip Hop/ Jazz instrumental albums “Symplex 1 & 2” as well as First Degree’s own “Instrumania” series. (www.FahRecords.com)


Silent (imo) is a fantastic piece of music nearly 40 mins long that encompasses (what seems like) every type of instrument you can think of. You can set your playlist to random and listen to any one track out of sequence, but the album was made to be sequential – each track leading right into the next.

Look for Cameron Couch & DJ FES-1 “Silent” early 2017 on iTunes, Amazon & all the digital outlets from Fahrenheit Records, distributed by The Orchard/ City Hall Records.

– Greg Double on the blog 

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You can find Cameron Couch online at www.BlueNoseRap.com  SoundCloud.com/CameronCouch >> YouTube.com/TheHomemadeCouch You can find DJ FES-1 online at SoundCloud.com/djfesone >> DHSMusic.bandcamp.com 

An Ode to Hip Hop: Tacoma artists form the 1st NW Rap Super-group.. Volume 3

The modern-day Beasties: Volume 3 is taking it back with “Trifecta” and its free to download

Trifecta (1).png

Three artists from the Northwest are taking it back! The recently formed Rap trio Volume 3 came literally out of left field with a strong ode to the way it was. Tacoma rap artist/ musician/ director/ superman Cameron Couch, with forces joined, Blue Nose Music front man Greg Double and the original Tacoma General – Squashington Music’s Awall aka 2piece put together something unique in almost every possible format with  their free-to-download debut album “Trifecta“.

With much Beastie Boys homage, Volume 3 dropped their relatively un-disclosed album this past Tuesday, Nov 23rd on their Bandcamp page for free download (you can also stream it on their YouTube channel.) Cameron Couch commenting recently on facebook referred to the project as “their gift to the world”  and states this project will always be free. Another reason could be that they have samples in this project that weren’t cleared by the owners, but when has that ever stopped anyone in Hip Hop.. EVER??

Seattle’s DJ Fes One steps in to add another layer of unexpected depth and ill say it, dopeness to this project; mixing cuts on 5 of the albums 13 tracks. “Introduction” “Gone Be Funky” “16 Til Infinity” “Pusherman” and “3MTA3” all the feature DJ Fes One

In essence, this album IS hop hop. From Trap to Reggae, 80’s and 90’s sounds from both coasts, to Rock with live guitars, 60’s funk and even a jazz style song – Volume 3 has the bases covered from every angle. On top of stylistic versatility, Volume 3 showcases their lyrical prowess in about every written format. One track might have 3 full verses, while the next track will have the 3 of them alternating 4 bars, or even finishing each-others sentences such as in “Pusherman” which samples the classic rock group Steppenwolf over a hip hop beat.

The album would have featured the three of them exclusively, the exceptions being  the addition of the very talented DomUnique who is the son of bandcamp member Awall aka 2piece. And then a remake of Souls Of Mischief ‘s classic song “93 Til Infinity” which features 3 more prolific Tacoma, Wa artists – Poet/ Activist/ Recording artist Josh Rizeberg, Gonzo Fam’s spiritual leader, student of the world and bi-lingual recording artist A.R. Mastermind; and finally, Blue Nose Music’s long time veteran recording artist/ photographer Castroni.

Production credits as follows: Volume 3, Sk8Beatz, Serial Killer Music, A-Plus,C-Dubb, DJ Fes One and ([sic] the band.


Find VOLUME 3 on Facebook!

Check out the whole tape on BANDCAMP or YOUTUBE and stay up on the underground.

  • 00G

NW on the map! Destiny City Hip Hop hits another level with 00G

Tacoma, WA native Greg Double releases “From Tacoma With Love” a throwback hip hop project, nationwide June 16th with First Degree The DE’s Fahrenheit Records.

4 years in the making, this album was originally entitled “00G: From Tacoma With Love” and had been slated for an independent street album, release was delayed after Blue Nose Music became an interest of Westcoast Rap Veteran First Degree The DE and Fahrenheit Records.

“Tac With Love” was broken back down into pieces, and completely re-mixed and mastered by the musical genius, now executive producer – Tacomas’ Cameron Couch. Next for the album artwork, originally designed by Goph of 19/85 Design, it had to be completely redone as to reflect the changes in label, contributing artists and to get “retail ready” shrink wrapped and barcoded. (Secondary graphic design credit goes to C Couch)

With beats ranging from jazzy to mobb – with an earie twist – “Tac With Love” is page right out of the book of Raps hay-days of the 90’s (producers include Sk8Beatz, 3HMB, Tony Snow, JohnnyESPN, Eripp, Phenom57 and Thurge) and boasts over an hour of funky beats to ride/ chill/ party to. 

Hot features in this! Guest starring (in order of appearance) are TaeBoi, 5ive 3re, TACtical, Lil Gr3y, Gamble, Tony Snow, Cameron Couch, Castroni, Awall aka 2piece, Thunderchief, and Goph – with scenes by OnOne & Shao Sosa – spread out over the 18 tracks.

[WATCH] the second music video from the album, Greg Double as 00G in “Mysterious” Dir by Sam Laseke/ C Couch 

In addition to physical distribution by City Hall Records, and a massive web presence thanks to The Orchard Digital, you can hear Greg Double’s music spinning worldwide via WindowsMedia, iTunes Radio and more thru Fahrenheit Radio.. That’s FahRadio.com for details

You can also find Greg Double and Blue Nose Music as well as more about Fahrenheit Records and First Degree The DE @ http://www.BlueNoseRap.com and http://www.FahRecords.com

((*Editors note) Upon official release June 16th on iTunes, the album title is only “From Tacoma With Love” due to the way computers would sort a product starting with “Zero Zero G:” so the official title on Apple Music will be “Greg Double – From Tacoma With Love”)