An Ode to Hip Hop: Tacoma artists form the 1st NW Rap Super-group.. Volume 3

The modern-day Beasties: Volume 3 is taking it back with “Trifecta” and its free to download

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Three artists from the Northwest are taking it back! The recently formed Rap trio Volume 3 came literally out of left field with a strong ode to the way it was. Tacoma rap artist/ musician/ director/ superman Cameron Couch, with forces joined, Blue Nose Music front man Greg Double and the original Tacoma General – Squashington Music’s Awall aka 2piece put together something unique in almost every possible format with ย their free-to-download debut album “Trifecta“.

With much Beastie Boys homage, Volume 3 dropped their relatively un-disclosed album this past Tuesday, Nov 23rd on their Bandcamp page for free download (you can also stream it on their YouTube channel.) Cameron Couch commenting recently on facebook referred to the project as “their gift to the world” ย and states this project will always be free. Another reason could be that they have samples in this project that weren’t cleared by the owners, but when has that ever stopped anyone in Hip Hop.. EVER??

Seattle’s DJ Fes One steps in to add another layer of unexpected depth and ill say it, dopeness to this project; mixing cuts on 5 of the albums 13 tracks. “Introduction” “Gone Be Funky” “16 Til Infinity” “Pusherman” and “3MTA3” all the feature DJ Fes One

In essence, this album IS hop hop. From Trap to Reggae, 80’s and 90’s sounds from both coasts, to Rock with live guitars, 60’s funk and even a jazz style song – Volume 3 has the bases covered from every angle. On top of stylistic versatility, Volume 3 showcases their lyrical prowess in about every written format. One track might have 3 full verses, while the next track will have the 3 of them alternating 4 bars, or even finishing each-others sentences such as in “Pusherman” which samples the classic rock group Steppenwolf over a hip hop beat.

The album would have featured the three of them exclusively, the exceptions being ย the addition of the very talented DomUnique who is the son of bandcamp member Awall aka 2piece. And then a remake of Souls Of Mischief ‘s classic song “93 Til Infinity” which features 3 more prolific Tacoma, Wa artists – Poet/ Activist/ Recording artist Josh Rizeberg, Gonzo Fam’s spiritual leader, student of the world and bi-lingual recording artist A.R. Mastermind; and finally, Blue Nose Music’s long time veteran recording artist/ photographer Castroni.

Production credits as follows: Volume 3, Sk8Beatz, Serial Killer Music, A-Plus,C-Dubb, DJ Fes One and ([sic] the band.


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