Cameron Couchs’ last solo Hip Hop album?! Novelty Raps drops Mid-Oct 17

Novelty Raps

a fusion of classic Hip Hop, Jazz, Blues and Rock mixed with story based lyrical content in various harmonies and styles. That started it all. I have for years wanted to make a project titled “Short Stories From theCouch” and have each song be its own stand alone story like the collection of old story books we read as kids.

After writing the song titled “The Big Good Wolf” with Jeremy Hutton…it came to me. Being a true “novelty” song in it being something new…but a classic story, familiar comfort for the ears. I even go as far to explain the original idea of what “Double Fisted Diabetes” is…and we go on an adventure through a local vintage toy store in my hometown of Tacoma Washington Tricky’s.

Once these pieces were set I then reached out to other artists, that I have met through the years and collaborated with them to fill in the blanks. Awall aka 2Piece helping me raise the question; can you catch us? To Wordsworth helping paint the story of love lost and then regaining control of your life to realize that after pain comes true pleasure.

Greg Double, Wynter Brown, SwizZz, A.R. Mastermind, Maureen Parker, Reece Loc, and long time collaborator Serial Killer Music (aka Cereal Killer) round out the collaborating efforts to make this the dream I had of it…”Novelty Raps”. Due for release in mid-late October.