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Artist Q&A: Chuey Boy TACtical

Sitting down with Rap Artist/ Producer Chuey Boy TACtical
tactical profile pic

Q: Who are you?

A: Chuey Boy TACtical

Q: Where are you from?

A: Tac Town born & raised

Q: Where did you get your moniker?

A: Chuey was a name given to me in the 10th grade when me and some homeboys were listening to dre dogs smoke dope and rap

Q: What do you do?

A: Rap,Produce,write,sing,keep it 100

Q: Why do you do it?

A: For my passion and love for the music

Q: How long have you been doing it?

A: since birth

Q: Who influences you?

A: Mac Mall, Tech N9ne, Gangsta Dre, CBo, E40

 – Greg Double – Blue Nose/ Fahrenheit Records


Artist Q&A: 5ive 3re

Sitting down with Rap Artist 5ive 3re of Blue Nose Music


Q: Where are you from?

A: I was born at Madigan, raised in Tacoma, Spanaway briefly, then Everett.

Q: How did you get your moniker?

A: I first went by MC 253, then shortened it to 5:ive 3:re (Five Tre) when I started takin it more seriously. I always wanted to rep where I was from regardless of where I lived so I named myself after where I’m from.

Q: What do you do?

A: I write lyrics and rap em’ and also play the talkbox.

Q: How long have you been doing it?

A: Writing raps, I’ve been doing since a sophomore in high school. Johnny ESPN (Juan Espinoza) and I used to rap during lunch and over the phone when I first started out. Recorded my first verse ever at his house, he taught me how to count bars and all them gotta knows.
Q: Who are your influences?
A: Musically, my influences mostly all stem from Rap-Hip Hop. I used to listen to a lot of Tupac, HPG albums, Mr. Shadow, Fingazz, Bay Area rappers, and Roger Troutman. There was a point in time when all I listened to was Zapp & Roger.
Q: How did you end up on BNM?
A: I ended up on BNM after previous conversations with 00G asking about shows, and how to get in on em. I heard his music he had on Reverbnation and thought to myself thats the type of music I’m tryin to be a part of. I shot em a song to collab on he liked it wrote to it sent it back. A couple months later I moved to Olympia from Everett and we had linked up for a session. I brought over some beats and Can’t Handle The Night came from it. After a couple more sessions I got the official Welcome to the DogHouse.
Q: What do you see your purpose as?
A: I see this BNM as a team, and I see my purpose as doing what is for the greater good of it. Whether its street promotion, proof listening, or sharing links from other artist we’ve connected with. My purpose with making music is simply to express what I got goin on in my heart and mind, and try to make it relatable too.

Q: Where do you want this to take you?
A: To where I never imagined would be cool not the stereotypical mtv millionaire bracket.

Q: Special Shoutouts?
A: My brother,Phenom 57, Johnny ESPN, Brendan Ostbo, 00G, Thunderchief, SK 202, Mike Groshong, Tony Snow, First Degree The DE and the rest of the Fahrenheit Movement

Q: Any last words?
A: “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter dont mind”- Dr. Seuss

– Greg Double, Blue Nose/ Fahrenheit Records

Artist Q&A: Phenom57

Sitting down with Blue Nose Producer, Phenom57


Q: So, who are you?

A: Joe Freeman

Q: Where are you from?

A: Tacoma, Wa

Q: How did you get your moniker?

A: I was watching tv and they said theres 56 species of intelligent life forms shown in “ancient” cities so i decided to be 57

Q: Why do you do it?

A: Cause i was born this way jk i do it cause i like making music sound the way i want it too, and to know some people somewhere are going to feel what i put in it

Q: How long have you been doing it?

A: Going on 5 years

Q: Who are your influences?

A: Everything that came out after cab calloway pretty much other than pop,metal, country/pop. not to be confused with johnny cash or wille nelson country or ray charles.

Q: How did you end up with BNM?

A: I know a guy that knew a guy that liked the beat

Q: What do you see your purpose as?

A: On earth? or in music?

on earth its to suck negative energy out and recylce it out somehow and in music my purpose is to make people hit rewind cause they dont get how these beats are making sense using minimal samples/sounds and using effects to manipulate sounds like jimi did with rock music i want people to hear electronic music there not going to hear from anyone else

Q: Where do you want this to take you?

A: If it works out in due time i want it to show me who i influence and i want to be able to say i didnt go to college and i made it

Q: Special shout outs?

A: BNM and anyone who’s heard something i made and liked it

Q: Any last words?

A: Celsius

-Greg Double, Blue Nose/ Fahrenheit Records

Hip Hop & Unity: Umoja Fest 2014 – Seattle Wa

I’m told Umoja Fest has been a reoccurring event for 30+ years in Seattle’s Central District, but somehow I hadn’t heard about it until this year.


Umoja = Unity, and this is exactly what this festival is about. Located in the heart of the CD along 23rd ave (Between Jackson & Judson) in Seattle, this weekend saw the ave lined with people sitting in lawn chairs and on blankets awaiting the annual Parade. You saw parents strapping elbow pads on their 7 year olds,  and filming as their kids whizzed around the skatepark at Judkins Park. You saw hundreds of people filing in to watch young men playing hoop on the tandem bball courts. With multiple music stages and food trucks, people wandered through the festival with their families and absorbed their surroundings. I noticed a few people sitting around the outskirts of the park, just enjoying the sun, people watching, and the rare opportunity to relax and do nothing for a while.


The main reason I was attending the festival, is a few of my good friends had been invited to perform on Umoja Fest’s’ Hip Hop stage, so I went out to show support (and seize the opportunity to hand out flyers, and shoot some music video footage as well.)

When I arrived I found the Hip Hop stage, which had been setup in a fenced area that looked like it would have been used as tennis courts if not otherwise occupied; located just past the hoop courts. Fresh looking graffiti on the wall on my left read “Free Palestine” along with some famous quotes from the likes of Albert Einstein and an ex President regarding War, Peace and civilian casualties.


Welcomed by the host; Veteran Hip Hop Poet/ Writer Josh Rizeberg of Tacoma, we gathered in front of the stage to hear the opening act (and i apologize at the moment I can only recall his name was Gregory) speak about Peace and Freedom, freeing Palestine, ending corrupt wars and occupations, and Power to the People.. Only briefly summarizing his complex political messages.

Veteran Hip Hop Artist/ Poet and MC of the Hip Hop performances @ Umoja Fest 2014 – Josh Rizeberg

The next act, Skrilla, is a well known Hip Hop artist/ promoter from Tacoma who brought with him his young twin sons for their first ever opportunity to watch their father perform. His strong rhymes and catchy choruses echoed the message of the Struggle, life’s ups & downs, and maintaining a positive outlook throughout life’s hardships. After he thanked the crowd and went to relax with his family under protection of the shade, Rizeberg took to the Mic to introduce the next act; Influential Minds.

Accompanied by a guest performer, a young lady who sounded amazing as she sang live (and did not hide behind pre recorded vocals), IM did their thing under the blazing sun and the shadow of the Blue Angel Jets flying over head; from the ever popular Seattle Seafair event which was taking place at nearby Lake Washington.

Influential Minds and Thunderchief pose for a photo at Umoja Fest 2014, Seattle

Next up was my good friend and label mate, Thunderchief, accompanied by 5ive 3re; who joined in to perform their song “Up Late”. Thunderchief, who can at times be a bit “wild” or “unconventional”; Delivered a more mature and positive message for the festival goers. With slow, serious instrumentals and clearly spoken lyrics, he spoke to the soul of the people. He even performed a well executed song which (he openly admits to the crowd), was completely freestyled and recorded “in his mommas shed”. When his time was up, he told the crowd he loved them all, thanked them for their undivided attention – then descended the stage in search of water on this still muggy Saturday afternoon.

Thunderchief and 5ive 3re performing at Umoja Fest 2014, Seattle

Veteran Tacoma Rapper, Awall aka 2piece was next to take the stage. Sporting a camo bucket hat that matched his shorts, a Squashington Music Tee, and Seahawk colored Ken Griffey’s, he proceeded to rock the crowd in his typical impressive fashion. Speaking about positivity in the face of hardships similar to the others before him, he danced and entertained the crowd while the chorus sang “I am fearless, and I’m coming’ for that #1 spot”. After a few songs he was joined by the host of the stage, and standing alongside Josh Rizeberg, performed the last song of his set; speaking about everything from old school hip hop and how it inspired them, to political corruption, while delivering the uplifting “Power To The People” message that Rizeberg is known to live by (as well as stand up and fight for.)

Awall and Rizeberg performing at Umoja Fest 2014, Seattle

The last act I saw perform was a Seattle artist known as The Sav, who was enjoying the buzz from his newly released album, handfuls of CDs at his side.

Then we slowly made our way out of the Hip Hop stage area, stopping to hand out flyers and chat with people, watch the kids getting down in the Skatepark, and relax in the grass for a bit before we headed home to BBQ and enjoy the (rare) Northwest sunshine. As I was walking to the truck people were still pouring into the park, seemingly centered around the basketball tournament still underway.


Overall it was an excellent event to be apart of, the entire area riding the good vibes of unity, neighbors bonding through similar interests and a sense of community. I left the festival with a positive feeling about our Northwest Hip Hop community, and our society in general. I will be a much more informed Umoja Festival attendee when i go next year.

Greg Double, Blue Nose/ Fahrenheit Records

Anti War Graffiti at Judkins Park in the Central District, Seattle


Tacoma Hip Hop Artist, Atomac showed up to support

Artist Q&A: Greg Double

Sitting down with Rap Artist/ Owner of Blue Nose Music

Photo Credit Mike G BNM
Photo Credit Mike G BNM

Q: Alright, who are you?

A: Dubb G, Double G, Greg Double, 00G

Q: Where are you from?

A: Born in Tacoma, Washington – grew up in Navy Yard City, Bremerton till i was about 12 then moved to Tacoma permanantly the summer before 8th grade.

Q: How did you get your moniker?

A: I’ve been known by many names thru the years, but the one that stuck was Dubb G.. based on the two G’s in my name, Greg Goucher. Over the years it evolved to Double G and alot of people still refer to me as this.. But once i started going more public with my music and doing shows i started running into Double B, A, C, and the rest, so i decided to look for something more unique. One day Greg Double came to me and it felt like i finally found my identity.

Q: What do you do?

A: I write, i rap, i record/ mix and master, promote, perform, throw events, and most importantly i help others do these same things.

Q: Why do you do it?

A: Because I enjoy the rhymes, the beats and also helping other cats to make music.. I also enjoy creating. I’m more of a technician than a musician, I like building and putting puzzles together.. That’s why I’ve loved making beats and recording/ mixing tracks. My mom sang and my dad was a rocker.. Used to make me listen to pink Floyd and explain the meanings to me when I was a kid.. Then I found rap when I was like 8, I started memorizing songs and writing down verses from Eazy and Mixalot, eventually started writing original rhymes and making beats in highschool. I enjoy performing, and I love the community aspect of it.. Building a network/ helping people meet others when they need something.

Rap music has been the most steady thing in my life since i was 8 or 9.

Q: How long have you been doing it?

A: Writing my own rhymes since 8th grade, about 1995 – recording and making beats since 10th grade, around 1998. So i’d say ive been doing this for 19 years.

Q: Who influenced you?

A: Hella. From Sir Mix A Lot, NWA, DJ Quick, Snoop, Spice-1, C-Bo, First Degree The DE, Brotha Lynch Hung, Andre Nickatina, Equipto and many many more – to the classic R&B of the Temptations, Stevie Wonder etc.. to todays Alternative Rock artists

Q: How did you end up with BNM?

A: Blue Nose Music is something i thought up years ago when i was making music with my buddies; Ryan, Zuriel, Neal and Lay Lay (Thunderchief).. i was obsessed with Blue Nose pitbulls so i started calling my music Blue Nose; at the same time i was making Dark more Horrocore sounding beats and songs and calling it “Haunted Records”. I eventually went my own way from what we were doing and i let my homies take HR, and i kept pushing with the name Blue Nose Music.

Q: What do you see your purpose as?

A: To create a gateway for artists like myself who would have died for the chance to record a real rap record and get it onto shelves in stores next to their favorite artists who they look up to. And also to keep the style of Rap i prefer alive – which is the West coast style of the 90’s. In the year 2014 when Hip Hop and Rap seems to have lost its way and is clouded by the fancy popular images of money and fast cars & women.. I’m happy to be able to continue making music about struggle, working hard, riding in old school cars and MOBBIN’

Q: Where do you want this to take you?

A: You know, I’m hell of excited about this Distribution deal with Fahrenheit & City Hall, as a long time fan of First Degree The D.E. and as some one who wants his music in the hands of every listener in the world. BUT I’m happy with my daytime career as well, and i don’t really have wild aspirations about Grammy’s and Whammys or the typical “Rapper” lifestyle. I’d love to tour and sell music & merch to people who enjoy it.

Q: Special shout outs?

A: To every one who listens to our music and supports Blue Nose Music, every artist i’ve worked with over the years, those who helped me build this BNM thing, producers that’ve trusted us with their beats, any artist that’s collaborated with me, any venue owner who’s given me a chance to throw a show at their club, my girl for supporting my craziness and trusted me when i said i was going to keep doing this and took me serious, my people behind the scenes like Mike Groshong – without whom Blue Nose would be a fraction of what it is, and accomplished a fraction of what we have. First Degree The DE and Fahrenheit Records, for the continued support, guidance and opportunities –  S/o to all my BNM family: 5ive 3re, Castro, Thunderchief, Easie,Chuey, Mac 9, Karly M, Chris M, Jacob B, Zuriel W, Ryan Kelly, Gamble and the list goes on. I know for a fact i have failed to name everyone and i apologize if i didn’t name you specifically.

Q: Any last words?

Blue Nose/ Fahrenheit